Life Event Loans in Purvis, MS

We’re not always prepared to cover the unexpected expenses life throws at us. That’s why Longleaf Finance offers life event loans, a type of personal loan that can be used to cover the cost of major expenses.

How Can I Use My Personal Loan?

Personal loans give you the freedom to take control of your finances in a way that suits your needs. Some people use them to consolidate debt. Others invest in home improvement projects or use the funds for a much-needed vacation. If you’re approved for a life event loan, you’ll make fixed monthly payments for an agreed-upon period of time. Personal loans are an alternative to credit card debt, and loan payments can help you build credit when you make them on time.


The happiest day of your life doesn’t have to be the most expensive. But if you’ve started adding up the costs of your wedding, you might start thinking about skipping the ceremony and heading to a courthouse. We can help you with the costs of a venue, dresses, DJ and other wedding expenses. If approved, you can use a loan to plan your dream wedding, whether it’s an intimate gathering of family and friends or a destination wedding in the Caribbean. With a fixed interest rate and monthly payments, you’ll have no surprises when the honeymoon ends.

Medical Bills

Even with health insurance, getting sick can be expensive. If you’ve ever had to put off critical tests or necessary procedures because of their cost, you can use a medical loan from Longleaf Finance to cover your healthcare expenses. Whether you’re facing an unexpected illness or require emergency care, you can use a loan to manage your finances as you work towards recovery. Our predictable repayment plans and fixed interest rates allow you to prioritize wellness without worrying about convenience fees.

Funeral Costs

When you lose a loved one, the last thing you want to do is grapple with finances while making arrangements. With shockingly high funeral costs, not everyone is prepared to cover an unexpected loss. Our funeral loans can help you to focus on being there for your loved ones.

Weddings, newborns, moves, vacations—life’s milestones can be expensive, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy them. Longleaf Finance offers personal loans to help you celebrate your achievements and accomplish your goals. We even let you pay online without charging convenience fees. To apply for a loan, start an application online or call us at 601-348-2477.